Get a Quote for Medical Aid Gap Cover on This Page

It is quick and easy to get a gap cover quote. Simply complete and submit the short form on this page (in other words add your details in the fields that ask your name, last name, email, cell number and if you have medical aid.) Then click the Get It Now! button.

The last question is super-important for you to answer because ONLY members of medical schemes which are registered in South Africa qualify for gap cover. So let us know if you have medical aid or not. If not, we can make a plan for you to join a medical aid and also sign up for gap cover.

How do I get a quote for gap cover?

It is easy to get a quote for gap cover. Look for the form on this page, complete the form, submit the form by clicking the button and you will receive a call from a gap expert, giving you a quote. The entire process occurs by phone and email.

What happens after I get the gap insurance quote?

Don’t worry – we will stay in contact with you. By email we will send the documentation for you to complete and return. Everything happens online, even your gap cover claims.

Does it matter what medical aid I have when I request gap cover?

No. You can belong to any registered medical scheme in South Africa to qualify for gap cover. Check this list to make sure you are on a registered medical aid.

Hint: Some of the popular medical aids in South Africa covered by gap cover are Discovery, GEMS, Selfmed, PPS, Medshield, Medihelp, Genesis and Bankmed. But there are many more medical schemes, so make sure you check the list.

How does gap cover work?

Good question! Fortunately the answer is simple. Gap cover is a short-term insurance which covers medical aid shortfalls, otherwise known as co-payments. By having a gap cover policy you avoid ever having to make out-of-pocket payments for health care ever again.

Is gap cover popular?

Yes, and it’s obvious why. If you should have to go to hospital for an operation, in South Africa today this could cost of hundreds of thousands of rand. And in most cases (with a few exceptions for those who have extremely expensive, top-level medical aid) the medical aid will NOT pay the full bill. The balance is for the medical aid member to pay, using a loan, savings or even mortgaging their homes.

Clearly, having gap cover is a better option.

Does it take long to get a gap cover quote?

Not at all. If you complete and submit the form now, we will get back to you soonest. And gap cover takes effect immediately once you sign up (with a limited number of waiting periods, such as where pregnancy is involved.)

So act now! Complete and submit the form.