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One wonders why medical professionals aren’t regulated in South Africa. If they were regulated, they wouldn’t be allowed to charge what they like for the medical treatments they perform.

People on medical aids are supposed to have their medical¬†treatments covered fully by medical aid but they’re not. They’re only partially covered.

The reason for this is that medical aid will only compensate you according to medical aid tariffs.

Gap cover is truly affordable

When these medical specialists charge you over the medical aid tariff, a gap or shortfall exists.

The medical aid member has to pay for the amount out of their own pocket, unless they have gap cover. Mercifully, this gap cover is affordable, being at more or less 10% of the medical premium you pay each month.

When you do the calculations you can see that gap cover can be anything from R95 a month to 400, 500 or R600 a month. It all depends on who the gap cover provider is, how much gap cover you require and what your budget is.

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Excellent rates and services from Medvest

Medvest is a gap cover provider. They are part of a financial services group, providing medical aid and gap cover advice.

Between their different plans, and between the many benefits that each plan offers, you will find something that appeals to you.

Some of their offerings include –

  • Their gap cover is for individuals and for families.
  • As a medical wellness group, they partner with some of the best medical aid and gap insurance companies.
  • Medvest offers different gap cover plans – their plans cater to people up to the age of 70.
  • It’s up to you to compare the plans from Medvest and choose the one that suits you best.
  • Medvest’s gap cover is for all South Africans who belong to a registered medical scheme. You have to apply for gap cover as it isn’t an automatic addition to medical aid.
  • The plans cover shortfalls of up to 500% for costs incurred in-hospital. 
  • The plans offer emergency and casualty accident treatments.
  • Consumables are also covered up to a limit per person each year.
  • Oncology benefit
  • Trauma counselling
  • Dental procedures
  • MRI and CT out-patient scans
  • Like most other gap cover options, there is a 3 months general waiting period for newcomers.

Get your medical care finances on track

You may unwittingly believe that your medical scheme is going to pay for all your medical expenses but this isn’t so. Yes, you may be paying huge medical premiums each month, but that doesn’t mean everything is covered.

A gap payment is an out-of-pocket expense that you have to pay when you receive medical treatment that costs more than what the medical scheme will pay.

Medvest gap cover you can get your medical care finances on track and enjoy their excellent rates and services.

They offer various gap cover options from an array of providers so that you can always get the best products and services that match you.

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