Gap Cover In Short

Being part of a Medical Aid Scheme might not mean that you are free from all medical expenses incurred during treatment. Within South African Medical Aid Schemes payout within a set limit based on the tariff rates linked to certain procedures and treatments.

However medical practitioners and medical service providers can charge up to 500% (5 times) above these set tariff rates. These charges often fall to you to pay out of your own pocket.

This leaves you and your family with often costly and unexpected bills to pay. Gap Cover does not replace your current Medical Aid but rather works with it to extend your cover. Stepping in to cover the excess costs and bills you might incur.

With the ever-rising costs of medical care and treatment in South Africa, it is becoming ever more important to have complete healthcare coverage from your Medical Aid. With Gap Cover this becomes possible.

Gap Cover By Westnat

Westnat offers you premium Gap Cover at prices that you can afford. With one plan that can cover you and your whole family, up to six family members allowed. Westnat offers you a Gap Cover plan that is flexible enough to keep you covered while ensuring your whole family stays insured. Westnat also focuses on commercial insurance. Meaning with Westnat you can be assured that you, your family and your employees can be fully covered with Westnat.

Westnat offers both in and out of hospital benefits to its members. Covering both the shortfall for services rendered in hospital as well as shortfall cover for procedures done in a GP’s office or at a specialist.

Westnat also understands that sometimes things happen suddenly.
To provide their members with an outstanding emergency ward benefit. To cover the shortfall on the bases of the charges on emergency care. Perfect for a business that has high-risk profiles.
Westnat though knows that now all medical expenses come from being hospitalised. With Westnat they also offer shortfall cover for both dental procedures as well as physiotherapy.

With Westnat Gap Cover you can rest assured that they provide cover for you and your family where you need it the most. At Westnat you can upgrade your Gap Cover with a Co-payment cover plan.

This covers the shortfalls in co-payments for both in and out of the hospital. With Westnats Co-pay Combined cover you are not only covered for Shortfalls in medical bills but co-payments as well.

Why Choose Westnat?

Westnat specialises in commercial insurance. Along with their partners, they are focused on keeping you, your family and business completely covered. Westnat has branches in both South African as well as Namibia.

With Westnats outstanding history in insurance and their work with select partners to provide you with a competitive and comprehensive cover you know Westnat has you covered.

One can’t put a price on peace of mind or on one’s health. Now you don’t have to with Westnat Gap Cover.

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