Elixi Gap Cover Gives Medical Aid Extra Power

Why Do I Need to Get A Gap Cover?

Are you still wondering why you should get a Gap Cover?
Do not wonder for too long as this might be dangerous. Gone are the days where premium medical aid schemes cover all your medical expenses. Gone are the days when a single medical aid scheme covers you and your family.

The cost of medical procedures has gone up over the years. Despite the increase in medical aid fee, it still does not cover all your medical bills.

You should know that medical aids only cover about 100% of what your medical Doctors charge. Sometimes the Medical Doctor can charge up to 600% depending on the services and procedures. How do you pay the difference of 100% your medical aid pays and the 400% – 600% your Medical Practitioner is charging?

Here is where Gap Covers come in handy. Elixi Gap Cover provides cover for the shortfall that comes between what your medical aid can pay and what your medical treatment cost.
They bridge the financial gap that exists when your medical rate gets drained. This protects you from spending out of your pocket to foot medical cost.

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Elixi Gap Cover Plans

Elixi gap cover is a reputable Gap Cover insurer. They offer two plans divided into categories.  

The Single plan offers:
§ Single.
§ Single Co-Plus.
§ Executive Single Plus.

The Family Plan offers:
§ Family Double.
§ Family.
§ Family Co-Plus.
§ Executive Family.
§ Executive Family Plus.

In descending order, the plans offer more benefits and cost more in premiums. However, they are all affordable. Just pick the one that suits your need.

Feel Good with Elixir Benefits

– Elixir Coverage provides cover for In-hospital medical expenses and selected Out-hospital procedures. During hospitalization, Elixir provides cover for services rendered by Specialist, Medical Practitioners, Medical professionals, etc.
– During an emergency, Elixir Casualty benefits offer coverage when you are in a hospital casualty unit.
– Medical aids often set sub-limits on the amount you can claim on your medical aid scheme. This means you can only claim a limited amount on certain procedures or specific diseases. However, Elixir covers you for the limit imposed by your medical aid scheme for in-hospital treatments and procedures charges.
– Elixir insures you for Co-payments. In other words, you do not have to pay the required upfront payment before receiving treatment.
– The Oncology benefit covers you for Cancer treatment in a private Hospital.
– The Premium Waiver benefits pay the medical aid premium for six months if the principal member of the medical aid gets permanently disabled.

Note:The benefits for each insured person are limited to certain sum per annum.

Elixir Value Added services

• Elixir value-added services include a 24/7 Crisis Centre.
• They also offer a 24-hour General Practitioner/Nurses helpline, staffed with Medical Professionals to assist, and advise members. You get the option to speak with a GP/Nurse on any health-related issues without having to go to the hospital.
• They offer funeral cover and personal accident cover. Also, you get invaluable cover in the event of an accident that leads to disability.
• Trauma Counselling Cover.

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