Zest Gap Cover is a Misnomer for Zestlife Gap Cover

When people join a medical scheme for the first time, they’re delighted. They believe that being covered for up to 100% of the costs means they will never receive a medical bill.

They’re in for a shock when they realize that their medical aid can be very disappointing. It only partially pays for most treatments, leaving the member to pay for the part the medical aid won’t pay for.

This can break a person financially, but for the help of gap cover. Gap cover comes to your aid and for a small amount of money, roughly 10% of what your medical aid premium is, they will cover all these shortfalls.

Zestlife Cover you can Trust

South Africa has many excellent gap cover providers and one of these is Zestlife, familiarly known as Zest Gap Cover. Top providers of gap cover like this offer extra benefits that increase in scale according to the premium you pay. Examples of these extra benefits are oncology benefits and cover for CT and MRI scans.

  • Zestlife gap cover policies are underwritten by Guardrisk who are one of the top-rated South African insurers.
  • Zest Gap Cover has two options – Zestlife Universal Gap Cover. It offers the most comprehensive medical expense shortfall cover. The other option is Zestlife Essential Gap Cover. It offers affordable cover for the most frequent medical expense shortfalls.
  • Cover is for individuals and families. Premiums are affordable. With Zest Gap Cover, an over-65 premium applies if any of the members of a medical scheme are 65 years of age and older at the start of their cover.
  • Shortfalls are covered up to 500% of the Medical Aid Tariff on the Universal plan and up to 300% on the Essential plan.
  • Zest Gap Cover provides protection for all family members.
  • Co-payment cover
  • Emergency room cover
  • Trauma counselling cover
  • The Universal plan offers in-hospital dentistry expense shortfall cover.
  • Robotic medical procedure cover
  • Generous levels of cover for cancer, prosthesis and artificial joint cover and high numbers of out-patient procedures are covered.
  • Extended cover options. This is an optional policy benefit that pays out a certain amount with a first-time diagnosis of cancer. When you apply for this cover, as a policyholder you will need to answer an underwriting question in connection with a previous diagnosis or treatment of cancer.
  • There is the Medical Premium Waiver policy. If you die or are permanently disabled, it will continue to pay your medical aid and Zest Gap Cover premiums.
  • Pre-existing condition exclusion. Zest Gap Cover doesn’t have general- or condition-specific waiting periods, however, no benefits are payable for medical conditions where treatment had started before the date of cover.

Medical gap- or top-up insurance is one kind of high-value cover that is of critical importance to you in South Africa. You will do well to investigate Zest Gap Cover and save yourself the dreadful quandary you’ll be in when faced with huge medical bills your medical aid won’t cover. So it’s not Zest Gap Cover it’s Zestlife!

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