The Importance Of Gap Cover

With ever-rising medical costs, it is important to be as covered as one can be. You might already have Medical Aid, but Medical Aid Schemes can only cover you and your family in part.

This is due to the set tariff amounts. These normally only go to 100% or 200% of your received medical bills. But medical providers can often charge up to 500% above what Medical Aid schemes can cover you for. Leaving you with an often large sum to pay out of pocket.

Gap Cover, however, comes in at this time. Designed to work alongside your Medical Aid, Gap Cover acts to extend and boost your Medical Aid. Paying out to cover this shortfall in expenses as well as providing coverage in areas where Medical Aids don’t completely cover you.

Such as in terms of specialist services, MRI and CT scans as well as covering you for necessary procedures both in and out of the hospital.

In these uncertain times, we can’t afford to not know that our and the health of our loved ones are fully protected. With Gap Cover, you can have this assurance. Gap Cover does not replace your current Medical Aid. Anyone with a Registered South African Medical Aid Scheme can apply for Gap Cover.

Information on Covering the Gap With Zestlife

Zestlife is a registered insurance provider. With Zestlife you can be assured that you and your family are getting quality and comprehensive cover at market competitive prices.

Zestlife works to bring you Gap Cover that really works for you. Keeping you protected in every eventuality. With Zestlife Gap Cover you get benefits that go beyond just covering the shortfall on your Medical Aid. Zestlife brings its own cover and benefits to its policyholders.

With two plans to choose from that both offer levels of cover that tailor the policies to your needs and lifestyle. Zestlife offers one of the most comprehensive Gap Cover policies on the market. 

  • Zestlife offers you up to 500% shortfall cover.
  • In and Out-patient Cover.
  • Cover for specialists as well as CT, PET and MRI scans.
  • Co-Payment Cover – for co-payments occurred by using non-DSP hospitals. As well as co-payment cover for co-payments for hospital admissions, scans and medical procedures.
  • Emergency Room Cover.
  • Advanced oncology Co-Payment Cover.
  • Internal Prosthesis and Artificial Joints cover.
  • In-hospital Dentistry.
  • Robotic Medical Procedures.

Zestlife is for all Medical Aid Scheme members that are facing the problem of increasing self-payment gaps. Zestlife has the solution. With Zestlife Gap Cover you and your loved ones can be assured the best cover.

Apart from what payments Zestlife gap cover is willing to payout that covers co-payments and shortfalls. Zestlife also provides lumpsum payouts for its policyholders in the event of diagnosis with cancer.

They also have benefits such as Trauma Counselling for their members. Making sure you can go back to your lives as soon as possible after a traumatic event.

With Zestlife you are put first. Get a gap cover quote on this page now. Use the form to contact us. 

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