Gap Cover for GEMS Medical Aid

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Who knows what other weird diseases will arise to join Covid-19? These strange killer viruses cause everyone to frantically upgrade their medical aid help. Life has changed forever the way we knew it and these days you have to be prepared for any kind of new disease outbreak.

Belong to a good medical scheme

Apart from belonging to a good medical scheme, you also need good gap cover for those times that medical aid doesn’t pay your medical treatments in full. You want to be sure that your health care needs are going to be sufficiently met, come what may.

The GEMS Medical Scheme isn’t an open medical scheme. It is restricted, meaning it is only open to all public service employees. GEMS started out in 2006 and they invite public service employees to check out their dazzling array of medical aid plans.

Each plan shines in its own right and you can take your pick from –

  • Tanzanite One
  • Beryl
  • Ruby
  • Emerald Value
  • Emerald
  • Onyx 

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Some unusual benefits that sparkle

The reason that this medical scheme dazzles so much is that unlike other medical schemes, they offer full coverage without any waiting periods for those who join with serious illnesses.

Also, GEMS doesn’t charge penalties for late joiners the way other medical schemes do. Medical aid plans from GEMS don’t just cover the main member, spouse and kids but extended family members as well.

The large medical scheme also offers useful programmes such as their maternity programme, dental management, chronic medicine management, HIV/AIDS, Oncology, Wellness, Prescribed Minimum Benefits and Optometry Management programmes.

It doesn’t matter how wonderful you think the GEMS Medical Scheme is, there will come a time that you will face a medical procedure and see that your bill isn’t covered in full.

South Africa has great gap cover providers

Without gap cover to pay the shortfall amount, you will have to pay the balance out of your own pocket. Gems Medical Scheme doesn’t offer gap cover itself but its members have got the freedom to apply for gap cover from any of the many gap cover providers there are in South Africa.

When you start comparing the different gap cover options you will see that your monthly premium are truly affordable, amounting to about 10% of the value of your monthly medical aid premiums.

Take gap cover for yourself as an individual or you can add family members to your policy.  Make sure that your gap cover option is adequate and that it takes care of your medical bills as well as those co-payments.

Gap cover is the shining jewel

GEMS Medical Scheme is a fantastic scheme that bends over backwards to give its members access to excellent healthcare in private hospitals. However, even the best schemes in South Africa have flaws, and one of these is not paying every medical procedure in full.

But for gap cover for GEMS, you would sink dismally into financial debt, and its why so many South Africans regard gap cover as a shining jewel of hope.

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