How Gap Cover Works

It is hard to not be aware of the rising costs of medical care in South Africa. With costs of even basic care increasing every year having Medical Aid has become a necessity in order to seek out quality treatment. But did you know that there is a way of boosting your medical aid benefits?

In fact, your Medical Aid won’t keep you completely covered. The truth is that many medical professionals charge more than what your medical scheme pays out, thereby boosting your co-payments, leaving you with sometimes large bills you still need to pay out of your own pocket.

Gap Cover works by boosting your cover; it eliminates co-payments. Covering not only the payment shortfalls often encountered when seeking medical treatment. But other day-to-day expenses as well as helping to alleviate the strain of co-payments.

Gap Cover is a short term insurance plan that kicks in after your Medical Aid has paid out what it can to pay out for any expenses not already covered. This leaves you with less stress and expenses to pay from your own pocket.

With medical practitioners charging up to 500% (5 times) above the set tariff rates for certain procedures and specialist treatments, Gap Cover has become as important to have as Medical Aid.

Keeping Covered With AdMed

AdMed is a Gap Cover provider who works to support and put their policyholders first. One of the first short term insurance companies to offer Gap Cover policies you can be assured that they have both experience and knowledge of what you need from you Gap Cover policy.

AdMed strives to please and provide quality insurance to their members through their Gap Cover policies. Admed aims to provide you with quality and affordable coverage that not only works for you but also works with your current Medical Aid Scheme.
AdMeds Gap Cover policies are compatible with all Registered South African Medical Aid Schemes.

AdMed Benefits – What You Can Expect

AdMed brings to you quality at affordable rates with their Gap Cover, as per their brochures AdMed keeps its focus on what it is that you need the most. Keeping your cover where you need it, keeping you and your family covered.

Admed offers you a wide range of benefits as well as a number of policies to choose from. Finding one that suits you is easy with AdMed. We have summarised the Admed brochure for you:

The main boosting benefits offered by AdMed are –

Shortfall Cover – Keeping you clear of debt by paying out for the excess bills that your Medical Aid Scheme did not cover.
Cancer Benefit – Getting diagnosed with cancer is always a shock but AdMed has you covered. Having several well thought out oncology benefits, AdMed keeps you and your family in mind. Offering a Lump Sum Payout, Co-Payment cover, Extender Benefit that keeps you covered even after the annual limit on your Medial Aid is reached.
Internal Prosthesis Benefit – Covering you in case of hip or knee replacements as well as spinal fusions.
Violent Crime Benefit – Doubling your payout for Accidental Death or Accidental Permanent and Total Disability claims in the case of a violent crime.
Baby Bump Benefit – Pays out a lump sum directly to you to spend as you please. Allowing you to fully experience the joy without worrying about the small expenses adding up. Start boosting your medical aid benefits now.

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