What Does Gap Cover Do?

Gap cover is a short term insurance product that kicks in after your Medical Aid can no longer cover shortfall costs and specialist treatments you might need.

Gap Cover works with any Registered South African Medical Aid. With Gap Cover you and your loved ones gain extended coverage that protects you against extra charges. This shortfall in cover occurs when your selected doctor or medical specialist charges rates that are more than what your medical aid will pay.

With the high cost of specialist treatments and above-inflation increases, this shortfall can be a serious financial burden to you and your family. But if you have Gap Cover you need not worry about this anymore. Gap Cover will cover you with shortfall benefits, co-payments on specialist treatments as well as providing other benefits that boost your current Medical Aid.

Providing you with extra care and cover. Gap Cover works with but does not replace your Medical Aid Scheme. You are valid for a Gap Cover policy if you are with any Registered South African Medical Aid Scheme.

Kaelo Gap Cover, Keeping You Covered

Kaelo Gap Cover is a product that is underwritten by Centriq Insurance Company Limited. A trusted insurance provider. Providing you with the ability to choose whatever doctor or specialist you need to get the best care. Without worry about what your Medical Aid might not cover.

At Kaelo Gap Cover You are provided with the key elements of Gap Cover at competitive pricing. With Kaelo Gap Cover you can be assured of benefits such as –

  • Shortfall Benefits – Providing an additional 500% coverage over the medical aid rate. Covering service providers such as surgeons, radiologists, pathologists and physiotherapists. Also includes cover for Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs).
  • Oncology Treatment Benefit – Which provides shortfall cover, co-payment cover as well as a booster benefit that extends your cover after you have reached your annual Oncology cover limit.
  • Casualty Benefit – Keeping you covered in case of an accident or violent trauma.

With Kaelo you can also look forward to booster benefits. These cover extended benefits you can add to your Gap Cover Policy that will provide you with extended cover for you and your family.

These benefits include a family booster plan, hospital booster, family protector plan, dental reconstruction and road accident cover. With Kaelo you can build the coverage you need to best keep you and your family healthy.

With Kaelo Gap Cover they work to keep the shortfall on your Medical Aid from reaching your pocket. While covering you for specialist treatments that you might not be fully covered for. With Kaelo putting your health first has become so much more affordable.

More About Kaelo

Kaelo  works to provide all South Africans with the affordable healthcare that they deserve. Keeping South Africa healthy and able to get access to the quality healthcare that is everyone’s right.

Kaelo’s focus is on improving your quality of life. Allowing you to live better, feel better and not need to worry about how much doing so will cost.

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