Medical Aid Gap Cover – Something You Need in These Difficult Times

Medical professionals in South Africa aren’t regulated and they charge just what they like. If you don’t have medical gap cover, you will become a victim of huge medical bills.

Medical schemes only partially pay for some of your treatments. The part that they don’t pay, you must pay. This is exactly why gap cover was created and why it has become so popular.

Have you done research and seen what treatments for some cancers can cost? Treatment can cost anything between R30 000 and R1 million.

Did you know?

Without gap cover, if your medical bill comes to R700 000, and your medical aid only pays R400 000, do you have R300 000 lying around at home to pay for the shortfall? Only if you’re a lotto winner. You’ll discover that some people have had to sell their homes to pay for their medical bills.

There are lots of medical gap cover providers in South Africa and they will require you to compare them. Some of them are Turnberry, ABSA, Sanlam, Stratum, Complimed, Zestlife, Discovery and others.

When you start looking to choose a gap cover provider, check what is excluded from their cover, check to make sure the company is financially stable, check what their maximum age limit is for joining, and make sure that offer oncology benefits.

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When you don’t have this gap cover, did you know that you may well have to go without certain treatments? This is because your medical aid will ask for an upfront co-payment before some treatments. If you don’t have the money, you go without treatment – it’s as simple as that.

Within the range of offerings from all the different gap cover providers there are, you will need to compare and opt for a policy that suits you.

Having gap cover can save you thousands of Rands
Some plans will offer basic cover while others are quite comprehensive. You can start with one of the basic ones and upgrade any time you wish. Unlike medical aids, which can be 2, 3, 4 or R5 000 a month, gap cover costs just a tenth of what you pay for your medical plan each month, but it can save you thousands of Rands.

You just have to bear in mind that with gap cover, the lower-end packages may not cover you for the likes of co-payments, sub-limits, and also casualty benefits.

If you have the financial means, the higher-end gap cover packages come with an array of useful benefits that can keep you out of financial trouble.

Now is the time for gap cover

We’re living in very difficult times. Nobody can predict the future. There is a lot of uncertainty about Covid-19 and what the future holds for us all in terms of the virus. Who knows what new diseases might arise to join Covid-19?

Who knowswhat health problems you will face? A new wave of disease, whatever it will be, is going to be financially taxing on us all, and never before are the demands for medical aid and medical aid gap cover so great as now.

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