Sirago Helps You Plan For Tomorrow, Today

Sirago offers one of the most competitive comprehensive Gap Cover policy in South Africa. To qualify for Sirago Gap Cover, you must be a member of one of the registered medical aid schemes.

Without Sirago, medical insurance is incomplete.

Having a Gap Cover has become a necessity. It used to be a luxury that only the wealthy could afford. That is no longer the case.

Today, anyone who earns a decent living can afford a Gap Cover. Gap Covers are now affordable. Even students can afford to have one.

Gap covers are like your umbrella when it rains. They cover you and protect you.

Over the years, the cost of treatment and procedures have hit the sky. Medical aid schemes can no longer cover all medical expenses as advertised. You are left to either pay from your pocket or remain sick. Therefore, a Gap Cover is necessary.

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Gap Covers are insurance policies that offer coverage when your Doctor or Specialist charge more than what your medical scheme can pay. These days, medical aids do not cover for upfront payments that you have to pay before treatment. It does not insure for deductibles; Co-payments and their coverage is limited.

Ever walked into the hospital for a procedure and told that your medical aid does not cover the cost or do not cover the full payment? That means you must pay from your pocket. This is where a Gap Cover like Sirago Gap Cover comes in handy.

Sirago offers different comprehensive Gap Cover Plans to meet your needs

  • Ultimate Gap Cover: This is the most comprehensive Gap Cover on the menu. It offers so many extensive benefits for you and your family.
  • Plus Gap Cover: This is a more affordable plan that offers more benefits.
  • Gap Assist Cover: This is a good plan for you to start a Gap Cover.
  • Gap Lite-Cover: This plan is exclusively for the younger generation.
  • Exact Cover: It covers for specific treatments and procedures excluded from your medical aid scheme.
  • Exact with Gap and Co-pay Cover: Covers you for treatment and procedures not included on your medical aid scheme, then provide additional gap and co-payment cover.
  • Gov Cover: Are you a Government employee? This plan is specially designed and crafted for you.

Some of The Benefits of Using Sirago

  • There is no maximum age to qualify for Sirago Gap Cover.
  • It is highly affordable, and there is a plan for everyone.
  • The Sira-Go baby gives you the option to include your new-born baby to your policy.
  • Sirago Gap cover offers coverage for up to five family members.
  • Your Medical Gap Cover is paid directly to your bank account.
  • It covers for In-hospital optometry and dentistry.
  • In-hospital and Out-hospital cover benefits.
  • Cancer Cover. 

The Power of Two

There is no reason to increase your medical aid plan. The fact that the premium is expensive does not mean it will cover all your medical treatment or procedures. Why increase your medical aid premium when you can go for something like Sirago Gap Cover? Sirago will protect you from unforeseen expenses and cover for payments that your medical aid scheme does not cover.  They say, “Two headsare better than one”.

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