Gap Cover In A Nutshell

If you already have a Medical Aid policy you might expect to be fully covered in terms of medical expenses.

However, Medical Aid Schemes only payout part of what you can be billed. This is because Medical Aid Scheme rates are set while medical practitioners and medical providers. Which can sometimes be as much as 500% (5 times) more than what Medical Aids will cover.

Gap Cover is designed to cover this shortfall as well as alleviate the strain of co-payments on select procedures. Leaving you fully covered and without large amounts of costly bills.

Universal Gap Cover – Gap Cover for Everyone

Universal Healthcare is an internationally recognized insurance provider for both individuals and corporations. One of the fastest-growing and advanced insurance providers in South Africa Universal Healthcare has now got you covered for Gap Cover as well.

With their advanced understanding of both individual needs as well as the needs of companies. The Universal Gap Cover plan is a well balanced and comprehensive Gap Cover policy that looks after both. With Universal Gap Cover you can be assured that the cover you get is both high in quality and benefits while being affordable and saving you money long term.

Universal Gap cover has a comprehensive set of benefits –

  • Hospital Gap Cover – Covering the shortfall for medical bills on services rendered. As well as covering shortfall on any chemotherapy, radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer on an out-patient basis. This also includes the shortfall on kidney dialysis.
  • Trauma Counselling – Keeping you and your employees mentally and emotionally cared for in the event of a traumatic event.
  • Internal Prosthesis Benefit – Keeping you covered for any shortfalls in the placement of internal prothesis. Plus an added benefit payout.
  • Casualty/Emergency Room Facility Benefit – In case of an emergency – Universal Gap Cover has you covered with the possible costs of being admitted to an emergency room.

Universal Gap Cover comprises of several benefits for its members that other Gap Cover competitors do not cover such as –

  • Motor Hijacking – Paying out a lump sum in the event that a policy member is directly involved in a forceful hijacking.
  • Cataract Benefit – Paying out a fixed benefit upon diagnosis of a cataract.
  • Body Repatriation – If accidental death occurs they will cover the insured for transport to their home location.

Universal Gap Cover Insuring Your Future

With the Gap Cover offered by Universal Healthcare, you can be assured that your future healthcare options are expended. Not only will you be able to recuperate without the stress of extensive medical bills. But you have the peace of mind knowing that your Medical Aids benefits are greatly expended. Protecting you and your families and employees future health.

With Universal Gap Cover you know you are getting valuable and comprehensive cover from experts in the medical aid field.

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