What Exactly Is Gap Cover?

Sanlam Gap Cover is an insurance scheme that works along with your Medical Aid. At times the cost for in-hospital procedures and outpatient treatment can exceed the base Medical Aid rate set by your main Medical Aid provider by an additional 5-times. These additional charges are often left to you or your loved ones to cover.

However, Gap Cover covers you for these extra charges. Working to keep you covered even when your Medical Aid cannot any more. Gap Cover is a easy way to stay insured and extend your Medical Aid cover.

With extra benefits such as co-payment coverage as well as extensions on your accidental death and disability cover you and your family can rest assured that you won’t be left with unexpected debt due to hospital bills. Making Gap Cover an essential to have along with your Medical Aid.

You qualify for a Sanlam Gap Cover policy if you are with any Registered South African Medical Aid scheme. A necessity in times of rising medical care costs. You and your family can’t afford to not have Gap Cover. However, finding the right Gap Cover plan for you has never been easier. With many trusted service providers easily found with a click of a button.

Sanlam Gap Cover Brochure – How it Provides for You

With Sanlam Gap Cover you know you are getting Gap Cover from a trusted insurance provider. With Sanlam Medical Aid Gap Cover, you get the benefit of knowing that you are covered up to 5-times more than the set Medical Aid Tariffs. Providing you with confidence in the cover you can expect if you should put in a claim.

One of the outstanding benefits of choosing Sanlam Medical Aid Gap Cover is their unlimited cover of co-payments (up until the set annual limit). As well as their unlimited deductable cover.

They also provide extended benefits to their Gap Cover policyholders. Such as their Hospital Cash Benefit payable per-day that you stay in hospital. With Sanlam Gap Cover they have taken care to understand your needs and to build a Gap Cover policy that will not only provide top quality coverage but cover you where you need it the most.

Taking Care To Take Care Of You

Sanlam’s Medical Aid Gap Cover has been designed to cover you and your family in the most important aspects. With individual and family plans Sanlam has you covered regardless of what you need out of your Gap Cover plan.

With Sanlam Gap Cover for Medical Aid you can be assured that you will be getting the best coverage that not only protects you. But your pocket as well. With their competitive pricing and well thought out policy you know you are getting value and trusted coverage.

Sanlam has been a trusted insurance provider since 1918. Continuing on this legacy of trust and value for money service Sanlam Medical Aid Gap Cover is there to take care of you when you need it the most.

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