Westnat Gap Cover Also Known as Western

About Gap Cover

Westnat gap cover is an insurance product that offers coverage when medical aid does not cover the full cost of treatment, surgery, or hospital procedure. Westnat gap cover pays the difference between what your medical scheme can cover, and the higher cost of treatments charged. In other words, when you are charged a fee above your medical aid rate, gap cover takes over.

Westnat Gap Cover also called Western

Westnat Gapcover plan is an affordable insurance product that offers coverage for your entire family. This Westnat offer covers medical expense shortfalls for in-hospital treatment and procedure.

Once is good, twice is better

Westnat also offers a unique plan called “combined cover”. This cover combines the Gapcover plan with Copay plan to give you an all-round packaged policy.

With this cover, you get the Western gap cover for your family medical expense shortfalls for in-hospital treatment and procedure. Then included is a Copay Cover that provides coverage for procedures or treatments not covered by your medical aid that you must pay from your pocket.

However, with combined cover, with Westnat you are covered for both in-patient and out-patient procedure at an affordable cost.

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Two-in-One Benefits from Westnat

  • You are offered a confirmation before a planned procedure; this eliminates the worries of how you are going to pay for medical procedures. With this benefit, you are more focused on your health/recovery rather than the medical bill.
  • You get a preferred rate for combined cover.
  • This package provides cover for both shortfalls and co-payments on all dental procedures.
  • When admitted at the hospital, this plan provides cover for the difference between what your medical aid can cover, and the higher cost of treatment charged by a registered medical professional.
  • When in an emergency ward for injuries caused by an external factor, “combined cover” provides coverage for shortfalls on the cost incurred.
  • The benefit provides cover for out of hospital physiotherapy for postoperative joint replacement and back surgery rehabilitation.
  • Almost all Medical aid in South Africa impose a fixed amount that you must pay out of your pocket to cover certain services and procedure. However, with Copay, you are automatically covered in such circumstances.

What documents do I need for the submission of a claim?

  1.  A completed claim form which is usually available on request.
  2.  Detailed copies of all relevant doctors’ accounts.
  3.  A clear copy of the Hospital account details.
  4.  Copy of your medical aidauthorization confirmation.
  5.  Copy of your medical aid membership certificate.
  6.  A detailed statement of Medical aid claims that reflects the processing and payment of the applicable accounts.

If not, why not?

Are you planning on getting Westnat Gap Cover? Then this plan offers a unique package that gives you the option of getting two cover plans packaged into one policy at a preferred rate. It covers your family for both In-patient and Out-patient procedures.

Well, it is like buying a shoe with a bag to match,not many insurers offer such unique plan in South Africa.

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