Turnberry Gap Cover Does it better

Here is why Turnberry is such and important short-term insurance company.

Life they say have no duplicate. Another saying goes “health is wealth”.  Everyone needs to take his or her health seriously. Well, you might say, “I have a medical aid cover” or I eat healthy. But that does not mean healthy people do not fall sick.

You have Medical Aid; however, do you have a Gap Cover? A Gap Cover is as important as having Medical aid. And Turnberry is a leading company in the field.

The Gap cover is an insurance policy that covers the financial cost of medical treatments and procedures. Gap Cover offers protection when you have a shortfall in your medical expenses. You will need a Gap Cover when your medical cost is higher than what your medical aid scheme can cover.

Do not add a financial burden to the stress you or your loved one will face when hospitalized. Get a Gap Cover now.

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The Power To Protect You

Turnberry offers certain benefits that you will not find elsewhere in the Country at an attractive cost. Below are some of the benefits you get for using Turnberry Gap Cover.

  • Biological Cancer Drug Cover
  • Up to 90 days cover for travels and trips
  • Covers for both In-hospital and Out-hospital cost
  • Dental Cover
  • Cancer diagnosis Cover
  • Unlimited travel time cover per annum
  • Repatriation and Evacuation anywhere in the world
  • No pre-existing conditions covered
  • Specified Sport activities receive Medical expense cover
  • 24/7 Medical advice and Medical assistance
  • Fast claim.

Turnberry offers a range of Gap Cover that acts as a shield of protection when medical aid fails.

Premier Cover offers to protect you and the entire family. It offers several benefits and provides comprehensive Cancer coverage. Included with this plan is a unique benefit that covers Biological Cancer Drugs. This package is not evident in most South African Gap Covers.

Optimal Cover provides a wide range of benefits. It also enhances your medical aid for up to 500% for you and your family. This coverage covers Oncology treatment and procedures. You also get Biological Cancer Drug cover.
Synergy offers an array of benefits for a very reasonable price. It covers you and your family for the most common claims.

Launch covers the cost of specialist medical expense shortfalls and offers essential benefits. Launch offer one of the most price-effective covers in the country.

Med Extend helps to cover the cost of treatment and procedure shortfalls excluded on your selected medical scheme.

Extended Family Cover provides coverage for the entire family. This includes spouse and children below the age of 26 unless the child is mentally or physically disabled.

Travel Assist: All Turnberry policyholder is entitled to International Travel cover upon request.

MedBoost: Medboost is one of the unique and carefully packaged benefits from Turnberry Gap Cover. If you have not used a claim for several years, the Medboost package provides a lump sum pay-out if you must undergo a Defined procedure. So, even when you have a “number of claim-free years”, MedBoost has something in store for you.

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