Discovery Gap Cover from the Health Experts at Discovery 

Discovery Gap Cover and Supplementary Illness Benefit

We all know the importance of having Medical Aid in these modern times. But your Medical Aid might not have you 100% covered and should you be suddenly hospitalized or require sudden medical treatment.

Medical Aids on their own often fall short, only paying out for the set tariff rates which are sometimes lower than what medical professionals charge. Leaving you with unexpected bills and placing you and your family under financial strain.

With Discovery’s Gap Cover scheme plans, you don’t need to worry about this shortfall in your medical aid cover anymore. Gap Cover covers you and your family from these unexpected charges. Leaving you free to recover without worry about your finances.

Not only covering you for shortfalls for approved in-hospital and set out-patient procedures. Discovery has you covered for the shortfalls you may face on approved international emergency claims. If an accident occurs while or your family are travelling outside of South Africa.

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Discovery’s Gap Cover paired with Discovery’s Supplementary Illness Benefit ensures a lump-sum payout for high-cost illnesses. As well offering you home support, allowing you and your family the time and aid to recover.

Only Discovery Health Members are valid to qualify for Discovery Gap Cover and Discovery Supplementary Illness Benefit. Discovery Gap Cover is not available to members on KeyCare plans.

Benefits of Discovery Gap Cover

With Discovery Gap cover, you can rest assured that you are getting the best Gap cover for you. Just some of the benefits you can expect to receive are –

  • In and Out of Hospital Cover 
  • Cover For Scopes and Scans 
  • Travel Cover – For International Travel 
  • Easy Payments 
  • In-Hospital Specialist Gap Cover 
  • Discovery has you covered with a lump-sum payout for illnesses associated with high medical bills. 
  • Cover For Your Medical scheme, Discovery Vitality and Gap Cover premiums – valid for two years in the event of death, disability or severe illness. 
  • Annual payback of up to 25% of your premiums.

Build the Cover You Need

With Discovery, you can choose between Comprehensive and Core options to suit you and your families needs.

Discovery Gap Cover has carefully considered your lifestyle and what your needs may be with their policies. Regardless if you are single. Or have a family they have a Gap Cover Plan that will work for you, with premiums that work for you as well.

With their hassle-free claims policy, you don’t even need to worry about sending in claims for your Gap Cover plan. Allowing Discovery access to your Medical claims information will let Discovery automatically identify any potential gap cover claims, letting you and your family recover free from worry and the potential stress of placing extra claims.

With Discovery Gap Cover you know you are getting the best coverage at the best prices. Tailor-made to smoothly fit in with your existing Discovery Medical Aid you get the comfort of knowing that with Discovery you are always covered.

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