iWyze Gap Cover Does Away with Unwanted Medical Bills

COVID-19 has made everyone more aware of how money can just slip through your fingers. People have lost their jobs because of the virus. Few people can afford to not make a fuss about losing money they so desperately need.

People are facing financial hardship, and high, unwanted medical bills are enough to compromise anyone’s immune system and make them even more vulnerable to Covid-19.

Medical Aid isn’t a Safety Net

The truth is, if you have medical aid, you can forget about thinking you’re safe and sound in terms of not having any medical bills to pay. In spite of paying a huge medical aid premium each month, you’ve still got to face medical bills that your medical aid only partially pays.

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The only way you can avoid this calamity is to have gap cover. This gap cover does away with unwanted medical bills.

Gap cover is an economical option being offered to you. You can fortunately choose from a number of gap cover providers. South Africa has got some excellent choices for you and iWyze gap cover from Old Mutual is worth your consideration.

  • Old Mutual has been around since 1845 so they are trusted and reliable.
  • Iwyze gap cover isn’t medical aid and the cover isn’t the same either. It is rather a supplement to medical aid – helping to pay you for its inadequacies.
  • Iwyse isn’t short on all the benefits you want – in- and out-of-hospital benefits that help with eliminating unwanted medical bills.
  • Oncology benefits are for in- and Out-of-Hospital. It includes those shortfalls where the medical aid only pays up to a point for your oncology treatments. These shortfalls can amount to thousands of Rands, whether it be a co-payment, oncology tariff shortfalls or sub-limits. Cancer treatment is designed to stop the progression of cancer and it can cost an absolute fortune. Without gap cover, it might even mean going without life-saving cancer treatment.
  • It covers the main member, their spouse and children up to the age of 26 years of age.
  • Doesn’t matter how many medical schemes are represented in a family, iWyze can cover the entire family under one policy.
  • It’s available to anybody on any registered medical scheme.
  • The gap cover from iWyze covers up to 5x the medical scheme tariff fee. This is when designated service providers are used.
  • The gap cover takes care of sub-limits, co-payments and deductibles.
  • There is also a Benefit Extender.
  • Iwyze covers for kidney dialysis for renal failure.
  • Fill in the online form for gap cover from iWyze and within a minute or two get your quote and reduce your medical aid stress today.

Put Yourself in excellent gap-cover hands

There is so much more from iWyze gap cover but we have just listed some of the more important ones. If you are unsure about any aspects of your gap cover policy, iWyze invites you to contact them immediately.

You dare not be without gap cover and iWyze gap cover is inviting you to put yourself in their excellent hands.

Get a gap cover quote now. Use the form on this page.

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