Insuremed Gap Cover is An Interesting New Supplement to Medical Aid

South Africans have learned that medical gap cover is the only thing that can give them peace – something that their medical aids are supposed to be giving them, but don’t.

Their medical aids take a massive premium from them each month, but in spite of this they cover less and less. It’s gap cover that will pay for the amounts that their medical aid doesn’t cover in full.

This “peace-of-mind” gap cover comes from a number of sources and Insuremed Gap Cover, an interesting supplement medical aid, is worth a look-see.

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Medical Aids don’t offer adequate cover

No matter which medical scheme you belong to, you can’t sit back and think you’ve got sufficient cover for whatever illnesses and injuries come your way.

Medical aids in 2021 are paying less and less while your monthly premiums climb higher and higher.

Without gap cover, you can say with all confidence that you will be financially crippled. Gap cover from Insuremed can at least safeguard you against these dreadful medical expenses shortfalls and co-payments for in- and out-of-hospital procedures.

Who is Insuremed?

  • Insuremed was founded in 2012 and ensures uncomplicated underwriting.
  • Western National Insurance Company and Old Mutual Insure are the underwriters.
  • Insuremed can guarantee excellent pricing and risk management as their in-house actuarial experts always adhere to the best practices.
  • Their core business is the administering, sourcing, and servicing of gap cover products.
  • Insuremed has access to great, high-quality gap cover providers from their associated partners.
  • They want to ensure their products and offeringsare well structured and well priced to complement the medical scheme that the client belongs to.
  • One of their products is GapCover, the registered trademark of the short-term insurance product that they manage.
  • This GapCover is for those medical expense shortfalls that occur when medical professionals charge up to 500% more than what the medical scheme tariff is. Without this gap cover the client would have to pay out of their own pocket. Gap cover from Insuremed is always super reasonable, charged at roughly 10% or so of what your medical aid premium is.
  • CoPay Cover can be taken on its own. It can also be combined with GapCover. It is convenient to take these two packaged as one policy and at an affordable rate. You pay just one price for a family of up to 7.
  • You can get a quick and easy online quote.
  • An associated partner is Old Mutual who can provide excellent primary healthcare services. Members on different medical schemes can be covered on the same Old Mutual cover. Old Mutual’s core benefits include in-hospital benefits, in- and out-of-hospital oncology benefits, out-of-hospital benefits and a Benefit Extender.

Medical Aids don’t instill confidence

Every time you receive a medical bill you’ll just wish you had been pro-active and got yourself sorted with gap cover. You may have had reason to have confidence in your medical scheme decades ago, but not anymore. Their top priority isn’ you -it’ to fill their coffers.

While they’e taking huge premiums from their members for their own personal nest eggs, you’ve got to pay for a lot of your own medical treatments -that is unless you have gap cover.

When you decide to get your gap cover, you know where to go, and Insuremed gap cover is waiting for your online submission.

You can get a gap cover quote by completing and submitting the form on this page. We will get your quote to you fast.

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